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AC Oxgangs CFC provides an opportunity for players to develop and put into practice their football skills under the supervision of a team of voluntary coaching staff and helpers. This requires careful and dedicated protection management in order to nurture a safe environment for our players whilst they participate in Club activities.

We at AC Oxgangs hold child welfare in the highest regard, and take a very active approach to child protection in order to make sure we properly vet all potential officials, coaches and team helpers and to ensure that all criteria are met to properly protect all players at the Club. This approach allows the Club to prevent the divulgence of player information and to discourage unwanted/inappropriate interest from outwith the Club.


Fiona Forrester-Cain

Our new Child Wellbeing & Protection Officer, Fiona Forrester-Cain, has completed the Scottish FA CWPO Management training course and will ensure all players are treated with respect and have a safe place to enjoy grassroots football.

Having professional qualifications in the fields of health, social/behavioural sciences, psychology and sports psychology, as well as many years of experience in health, social care and education, Fiona's CWPO responsibilities include implementing and supervising various practical procedures such as the safe recruitment of Club officials and the management and investigation of any concerns raised by players, parents/guardians and Club officials.

Fiona is always happy to be contacted if there are any questions or concerns regarding any aspect of child safety.

All enquiries will be treated with the utmost confidence.
07572 742 611

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know if I need to do a PVG Disclosure?
Those who are working directly with children and young people within the football club will need to have an Enhanced PVG check. This means that if you care for, train, supervise or have sole care of children and young people under the age of 18 in football as part of your normal Club duties you do need to have a PVG check.
Is there a cost associated with the PVG Disclosure check?
There is no cost associated with the PVG Disclosure. This check is provided free to the voluntary sector.
What do I need to do to organise a PVG application?

PVG applications are the resposibility if the individual concerned and cannot be dealt with by the Club.

The Club will provide the contact details of an approved additional signatory with whom the applicant should arrange a meeting to submit their PVG application.  All required documentation will be advised by the additional signatory.

Who will see my PVG Application?
Only the additional signatory and approved staff members at the SYFA and Disclosure Scotland will have access to your application.
What will happen if I have a Police Record or have had a Child Protection Order made against me?
If you have been convicted of a sexual or violent offence or you are registered on the Disqualified from Working with Children List. This means that AC Oxgangs cannot allow you to volunteer with our club. Please refer to our Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy. (page 22 of your coaches pack).
I have a CRBS Disclosure that was undertaken in 2007. Can I use this?
No. Police Record Checks must be undertaken at individual venues in which the applicant is providing a service.
Can I start volunteering with AC Oxgangs before I have started the Application Process?
No. All those that work directly with children and young people within the Club will have to be in possession of a completed application and Disclosure check.
If I make a referral of “harm” is it anonymous?
Referrals made by the public can be anonymous. Referrals from professionals are usually not anonymous. Please refer to the ‘Dealing with allegations and the procedure to follow policy’ (page 10 in your Coaches Pack).
How do Social Services define “harm”?
Harm is defined as ill-treatment, impairment of health, or impairment of physical, intellectual, emotional, social or behavioural development. If you feel a child is suffering harm, or is at risk of harm, you can contact your Child Protection Officer 01314454573/07725721742.
I've noticed that in your match reports you only mention players' first names - why is this?

In this respect AC Oxgangs follow guidelines issued by the Scottish Youth Football Association who advise clubs not to publish players' surnames on their websites. This also applies to captioned photographs identifying a player by either forename and/or surname. The only exception to this would be if one of our players received a regional or national award/recognition.

There are several reasons for this:

  • To avoid a player being approached by an undesirable person who knows their full name. This would be particularly relevant to our primary-age children who may be convinced/coerced by someone pretending to be a member of the Club.

  • To avoid revealing the whereabouts of children and their families who may have relocated to escape, for example, domestic abuse.

  • To avoid revealing the whereabouts of families who are part of a witness protection scheme.

Thankfully, these occurrences are extremely rare, but in any event the Club will at all times put the safety of our players first no matter how low the risk.

What if a photo of my child appears on the website and I would like it removed.

At the start of each season the parent/guardian of every player at the Club is asked to complete a consent form for photo/video material to appear on our website. At this stage there is the option to withhold permission but we understand that circumstance may change as the season progresses. Anyone wishing to have a photo removed from the site should immediately email web.admin@acoxgangs or telephone our Child Protection Officer.

This also applies to parents/guardians of opposition club players. Immediately before a game at which we intend taking photographs, our head coach or team secretary will hand over to his/her opposite number a printed note stating that photos are being taken for inclusion on our website and that anyone wishing to have them removed can get in touch with AC Oxgangs via the contact details provided.



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James Gillespie's High School staff and students have just returned from their latest trip to South Africa during which they handed over more than fifty surplus AC Oxgangs kits for schools and organisations in Durban.

Fifth year student Eadie McCallum, who liaised with the Club during the appeal, has kindly provided us with some photos and and sends the following message ...

"I returned from South Africa a few days ago and I would like to thank you on behalf of James Gillespie’s High school, Dloko High School and the Umthombo Street Kids Project for the donation of strips. They were received with the hugest appreciation by these young people and I have never seen anyone so happy. All of the people pictured live in a township called Umlazi outside Durban. These kids get one meal a day at the school soup kitchen and many walk for hours every morning just to get an education. These strips may not have changed their lives forever but it certainly put a smile on the young people’s faces for now and I can tell that they will treasure their present from AC Oxgangs for many years to come."


All photos © 2010: E. McCallum, James Gillespie's High School, Edinburgh



This appeal has now closed - A huge thank You to everyone who contributed
Appeal for Used Football Kit
umthobo project

Following on from last season's highly successful and rewarding donation of over 50 AC Oxgangs kits to the James Gillespie's High School Global Citizen Project, we have now entered into our own formal agreement with the South African charity Umthombo to provide additional unwanted club & replica football kits for distribution among the street children of Durban. Umthombo's aims are to provide organised football events in an effort to gain trust and reintegrate the children back into the mainstream community.

Photo by Eadie McCallum James Gillespie's

It goes without saying that these 'street kids' have no resources which would allow them to own even the most basic of football kit and this has led the charity to appeal to us once more for unwanted shirts, shorts, socks, boots, trainers, shin-guards, training kit etc. All sizes are welcome as are any colours and teams - from AC Oxgangs to AC Milan, Hearts, Hibs or the Old Firm through to Man United or Chelsea - each strip will, without doubt, be highly prized and cared for by their grateful recipients!




Tanzania Kit Appeal


tanzania tanzania

Former Under 14’s parent Alan finds his job takes him all over the globe and last year he was called upon to visit the central east African country of Tanzania. Alan soon discovered that the locals in Mtwarra (where he is based) are football mad, however he was also struck by how little they had in the way of basic football kit, particularly the youngsters. As Alan explains, "During my first trip in July 2010 I noticed the kids playing football on open ground (it couldn't be called a park!) and the majority were playing in their bare feet and didn't have much in the way of football tops, shorts and socks."

Alan's next visit saw him returning with his son's boots, trainers and strips that he had outgrown. He handed them out at one of the 'parks' the local children used as a football pitch and the response he received from the youngsters was almost overwhelming. This prompted Alan on his return to the UK to approach his co-parents on the AC touchline to ask if they too had any surplus kit at home - not surprisingly he received a terrific response and was able to take more kit to Tanzania (which included some replica top bargains Alan had purchased from local sports shops).

tanzania tanzania

Looking to keep his efforts as informal as possible, Alan goes on to say, "I simply drove about town stopping and handing kit out whenever I saw kids playing football and looked like they needed some help. I have since found out that they have formed a league covering two age groups - I have also purchased some footballs for them and will be taking them back over as a lot of the 'balls' they were playing with were just rolled up bundles of cloth."

Alan has just returned to Mtwarra and hopefully by now the children playing in their league will be proudly showing off their tops, shorts, socks and footwear including those much sought after footballs!

Alan has also kitted out some of his local workmates with a full set of replica tops.

You can also view these photos, with captions, on our Facebook Page.




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