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A selection of Training Games for all

Billy McEvoy


These games are here to help you prepare for
training sessions and give you ideas.

You will need to modify them to work with different age-groups and the amount of players you have available
[i.e. pitch size, distances, equipment available]



Suggested Age-Groups
Warm Up - Passing
U9s to U19s
Warm Up - Passing & Movement
U9s to U12s
Warm Up - Passing, Running & Dribbling
U9s to U15s
Warm Up - Interchanging Passes
U9s to U16s
1 v 1 Dribbling #1
U9s to U12s
1 v 1 Dribbling #2
U9s to U13s
1 v 1 Shooting #1
U9s to U14s
1 v 1 Shooting #2
U12s to U19s
4 v 2 Possession
U12s to U19s
Close Marking
U13s to U19s
U9s to U14s
Movement at Corners
U13s to U19s
Movement at Throw-Ins
U13s to U18s
Passing & Receiving
U9s to U14s
Shooting With Passing & Movement
U11s to U19s
Small-Sided Game: Parma Game
U12s to U19s
Small-Sided Game: Support Your Pass
U11s to U15s
Small-Sided Game: Switch the Play
U11s to U14s
Small-Sided Game: Wing Game
U12s to U15s
Small-Sided Game: 1-0 Challenge
U11s to U15s
Small-Sided Game: Long Range Shooting
U9s to U19s
Small-Sided Game: Correct Time to Shoot
U9s to U14s
Homework - Keepy Uppy
U9s to U14s





James Gillespie's High School staff and students have just returned from their latest trip to South Africa during which they handed over more than fifty surplus AC Oxgangs kits for schools and organisations in Durban.

Fifth year student Eadie McCallum, who liaised with the Club during the appeal, has kindly provided us with some photos and and sends the following message ...

"I returned from South Africa a few days ago and I would like to thank you on behalf of James Gillespie’s High school, Dloko High School and the Umthombo Street Kids Project for the donation of strips. They were received with the hugest appreciation by these young people and I have never seen anyone so happy. All of the people pictured live in a township called Umlazi outside Durban. These kids get one meal a day at the school soup kitchen and many walk for hours every morning just to get an education. These strips may not have changed their lives forever but it certainly put a smile on the young people’s faces for now and I can tell that they will treasure their present from AC Oxgangs for many years to come."

Information on the schools' Global Citizenship Project can be found HERE


All photos © 2010: E. McCallum, James Gillespie's High School, Edinburgh



This appeal has now closed - A huge thank you to everyone who contributed
Appeal for Used Football Kit
umthobo project

Following on from last season's highly successful and rewarding donation of over 50 AC Oxgangs kits to the James Gillespie's High School Global Citizen Project, we have now entered into our own formal agreement with the South African charity Umthombo to provide additional unwanted club & replica football kits for distribution among the street children of Durban. Umthombo's aims are to provide organised football events in an effort to gain trust and reintegrate the children back into the mainstream community.

Photo by Eadie McCallum James Gillespie's

It goes without saying that these 'street kids' have no resources which would allow them to own even the most basic of football kit and this has led the charity to appeal to us once more for unwanted shirts, shorts, socks, boots, trainers, shin-guards, training kit etc. All sizes are welcome as are any colours and teams - from AC Oxgangs to AC Milan, Hearts, Hibs or the Old Firm through to Man United or Chelsea - each strip will, without doubt, be highly prized and cared for by their grateful recipients!


If you have any kit which you think may be of use please consider donating it to our appeal.

Our Child Protection Officer, Cheryl Lee, has kindly volunteered to co-ordinate the campaign and arrange for the collection and distribution of donated kit to South Africa.

If you, or friends or relatives, would like to contribute please contact Cheryl
Telephone 0131 445 4573 or email




Tanzania Kit Appeal


tanzania tanzania

Former Under 14’s parent Alan finds his job takes him all over the globe and last year he was called upon to visit the central east African country of Tanzania. Alan soon discovered that the locals in Mtwarra (where he is based) are football mad, however he was also struck by how little they had in the way of basic football kit, particularly the youngsters. As Alan explains, "During my first trip in July 2010 I noticed the kids playing football on open ground (it couldn't be called a park!) and the majority were playing in their bare feet and didn't have much in the way of football tops, shorts and socks."

Alan's next visit saw him returning with his son's boots, trainers and strips that he had outgrown. He handed them out at one of the 'parks' the local children used as a football pitch and the response he received from the youngsters was almost overwhelming. This prompted Alan on his return to the UK to approach his co-parents on the AC touchline to ask if they too had any surplus kit at home - not surprisingly he received a terrific response and was able to take more kit to Tanzania (which included some replica top bargains Alan had purchased from local sports shops).

tanzania tanzania

Looking to keep his efforts as informal as possible, Alan goes on to say, "I simply drove about town stopping and handing kit out whenever I saw kids playing football and looked like they needed some help. I have since found out that they have formed a league covering two age groups - I have also purchased some footballs for them and will be taking them back over as a lot of the 'balls' they were playing with were just rolled up bundles of cloth."

Alan has just returned to Mtwarra and hopefully by now the children playing in their league will be proudly showing off their tops, shorts, socks and footwear including those much sought after footballs!

Alan has also kitted out some of his local workmates with a full set of replica tops.

You can also view these photos, with captions, on our Facebook Page.



1989s - Squad Archives

This was our founding team formed in 2001.

We have a small collection of photos which you can view HERE

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